Galco Carry Lite Belt CLB5

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The companion belt to the Carry Lite holster line, the Carry Lite Belt is constructed of Premium Center Cut Steer Hide and offers economy, function and good looks. Includes nickel-plated buckle. Available in black, 1 1/2" wide. Sizes 32-48. How do I determine what size belt to buy? Measure your existing belt from the end of the buckle to the HOLE YOU ARE CURRENTLY USING. That measurement will be the size you should order for your new Galco belt. Galco belts are made in even sizes only, so you should round up to the nearest even size. Galco belts are sized to the center hole. KEEP IN MIND: If you will be WEARING A HOLSTER and/or MAGAZINE CARRIER inside the pants, you may need to add 2 more inches.