Review Club FAQ

How do I sign up to review products?

Simply sign up at


I don’t want to be a member anymore. How do I stop getting your emails?

Use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Review Club emails.


Can I choose the types of offers you send me?

No however we will only send you offers related to Tactical 365.


What do I do if change my email address?

Just resubscribe with your new address at


How can you offer products with such large discounts? 

As a reviewer, we are offering you a special discounted price in exchange for your unbiased review. Your review is an important part of the customer’s opinion of the product. We appreciate your honesty and diligence and will reward you for it!


Are you going to sell or rent my information to any other companies?

No we will never sell, rent or give away any contact information. The information you share with us is only used for the Reviewers Club.


Do I have to accept everything that you send me?

No. you are free pick and chose your offers. Completion of one offer does not affect any other offers.


Are you going to charge my credit card for anything?

No we don't require any credit information. We simply send you a discount code for the product on is going to charge me shipping; Why?

The discount codes are for the product itself, and does not cover shipping. This is because shipping cost vary from customer to customer. If you are an Amazon Prime member your shipping is generally free.


Is there a limit to how many discounts I can claim?

No. However each promotion has it's own availability time, and usage limits.


Why isn’t my coupon code working on

If you arrived at the redemption page and it says that there are no coupons left you may have missed the promotion. Check the expiration date or if the discount was a limited run. If you feel you like the message is received in error please email for help.


How do you know if I do my review?

Placeholder Text to be replaced before launch   


Why is Amazon not letting me write a product review?

An Amazon account is required to write a review. The account also is required to have one real world transaction. Meaning you need to have at least one transaction on the account even if it's only $1. 


Do I need to write that I received the product in exchange for my review?

Amazon's wants you to disclose any discounts, or complimentary products you receive in exchange for an honest unbiased Review. We also request you disclose this information in your review.


Do I have to write a positive product review?

We want honest unbiased reviews. However if the product was damaged in shipping, or not received in a timely manner. These issues shouldn't affect the products review, but the sellers. Please contact the Amazon seller to have the product replaced.


Do I get paid for writing reviews?

No payment is offered. Only highly discounted prices.


Do I have to write a seller review as well as a product review?

No it's not required, but we do recommend giving feedback.


Review Example

Headline: Great peace of mind and backup!

Review: This is a great addition to any emergency kit and all households can have one. We have one in each car as well as in the house. It has a solar panel and crank to power the radio, light the light or even charge the phone. I do wish it came in a nylon case because, surprisingly, it comes with a lot of adapters for various devices to be charged. Getting, AM, FM and NOAA channels is a big plus since I live in an area with frequent power outages. These are a must have for any glove compartment!

I received this product for a discounted price to provide my honest, unbiased and critical opinion. I am by nature very critical.