2 inch Perry Outback "Comfort" Suspenders (Wear Like a Vest) (Red)

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This unique suspender is intended to be worn with a belt. Eliminates the "Sagging Pant Syndrome." What makes this item unique are the plastic clips that go on your belt. Men who wear these suspenders love them! When they bend over their pants go with them. This heavy-duty suspender is made of a quality elastic material and is 2" wide with a top grain cowhide back piece. The back piece is Black on the Black suspender, and natural on all other colors. Outback Suspenders by Perry are ideal for truckers and anyone who dislikes the irritation of suspenders rubbing against the seat while driving, or against a chair back. Wear it like a vest. The straps go around the shoulders and attach to your belt at the front. They hold your trousers up securely at all times, when you are working or walking, as well as when sitting. Available in Black, Navy, Red, and Tan. Comes in Regular length only (up to 48 inches long). Follow these instructions to determine if these suspenders will fit you. Take a tape measure and measure from the bottom of your belt up over your shoulder to the bottom of your belt to see how many inches you need. If your measurement is less than 48" then these suspenders will fit you.


  • Elastic
  • Perry Vest Suspender
  • made of a quality elastic material
  • plastic clips go on your belt