ASP 16" Expandable Friction Loc Baton- F16FE Electroless, Foam Vinyl Grip, ASP 52213

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Electroless Finish for Maximum Corrosion Resistance in High Humidity Areas. Replaceable Foam Vinyl Grip.


The ASP 16" Expandable Friction Loc Baton, is one of the most tactically sophisticated impact weapon currently available and has proven itself nearly indestructible. ASP Batons are professional grade expandable batons used by many police and military agencies. Expandable batons can offer a powerful deterrent when a potential combatant sees and hears the officer deploy the baton. Many times deployment alone can deescalate an otherwise tense situation.

Premium materials, durability and flawless function of the compact and easily carried ASP Baton sets it apart from other brands. It truly is one of the finest expandable batons produced in the world.