Benchmade Aluminum Writing Pen In Grey with Black Point And Black Ink Cartridge

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  • CNC Machined 6061 T-6 Aluminum Body
  • 5.33" Overall Length
  • Ergonomic Knurling Pattern Provides Superior Grip and Comfortable Texturing
  • Non-Reflective Components for Tactical Applications
  • Ink Cartridges Manufacturered for Benchmade by Fisher Pen Company

The 1100 model pen has a charcoal body made out of hard-anodized T6 aluminum. The body, cap and grip are all made of the same durable aluminum material, and are all anodized charcoal, except for the blue ink instrument, in which the pen grip is anodized blue. The pen has a removable stainless steel clip containing the Benchmade logo. Cartridges are manufactured by Fisher, and are of the excellent Fisher Space Pen cartridge type. The body, cap, and grip have an ergonomic texture pattern that makes the pen easy to hold. The edges are sharp on the body so to offer firm grip, even with wet hands. The charcoal finish is non-reflective, much like a tactical folder knife. The end of the pen body has a sharp point, almost like a small 3D arrowhead. While affording a nice look, it is made to double as a self-defense weapon in a crisis situation. This is one pen body that could, if necessary, inflict serious injury with proper thrust and placement. I’d hate to have one of these things gouged in my eye, for certain. As one who flies a lot, I was concerned about TSA confiscating the Benchmade 1100 pen in airport security. Looking at the pointed end, one might consider this a “weapon”, or so I feared. However, it has accompanied me on several flights, and has yet to become an issue.