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The MAG Instrument Maglite 3D Flashlight offers a high-intensity light beam with 1/2 turn, cam action focus, which allows you to pin-point the light or cast a beam over a greater area. With its high-strength aluminum alloy case, this Heavy-Duty Flashlight is well-suited for not only for home or vehicle emergencies but for camping, as well. The MAG Flashlight features a spare lamp, which is safely secured in the tailcap of the base in case your bulb happens to burn out. It also offers a self-cleaning rotary switch and an O-ring seal for water resistance.
MAG Instrument Maglite 3D Heavy Duty Flashlight:
  • High-intensity light beam
  • 1/2 turn, cam action focus
  • Self-cleaning rotary switch
  • Spare lamp safely secured in the tailcap
  • High-strength aluminum alloy case
  • O-ring sealed for water resistance