MAGLITE SP2201H 2-AA Cell Mini LED Flashlight with Holster, Black

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Mini Maglite LED 2 AA cell flashlight with MAG-LED Technology uses a 3-watt LED. The new Mini Maglite LED is crafted after the legendary Mini Maglite flashlight, an icon of classic American design, famous around the world.Built tough enough to last a lifetime, its durability and patented features are now available with new MAG-LED Technology. Benefits include: A Powerful Projecting Beam that focuses simply by rotating the head. Balanced Optics, combining a highly refined reflector with a quality LED, for a brilliant adjustable beam. Intelligent Energy Source Management balancing high brightness with efficient power usage. Candle mode--unscrew flashlight head, place head down on stable flat surface and set flashlight barrel into head. AA Mini Maglite LED, 2 cell with holster, Black

Product Description

Mini Maglite, Black, 2 "AA" LED Flashlight, With 3W Luxeon Bulb, Includes 1 Mini Maglite 2 "AA", 3W LED Flashlight, 1 Nylon Open Top Belt Loop Holster, and 2 "AA" Duracell Batteries, No Replacement Bulb Available, Mag-LED Technology Plus, Flood To Spot Focusing and Projecting Beam, Anodized Aircraft Quality Aluminum, O-Ring Sealed At All Threaded Joints, Does Not Interchange With Standard Mini Mag "AA" Krypton Lamp, Limited Lifetime Warranty, Made In USA.