QuiqLiteX Hands Free Rechargeable Pocket Concealable Flashlight

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The QuiqLiteX is a rechargeable, hands-free flashlight designed and made to assist Police Officers and Public Service Officials. With field-proven capability, the QuiqLite is your go-to light on and off the job. The included alligator clip allows you to mount your Quiqlite just about anywhere, and the magnetic backing, along with 360° swivel, ensures your light will be pointed exactly where you need it. The Quiqlite itself has a 145° swivel light, to light up floor to ceiling.

  • 400mAh Li-ion battery lasts 40 hours at 75 lumens, and 20 hours at 150 lumens.
  • Dual action LED's are operated independently, while a separate brightness button allow you to use just the right amount of light, without overusing the battery.
  • Full swivel features with the alligator clip allow you to focus the light where you need it most.
  • Less than 2.5 hour charge time, using a standard Micro-USB cable.
  • Included removable light diffuser allows you to illuminate an area.
  • At only 1.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall, the Quiqlite is extremely compact, but packs a big effect.
  • Easily attaches to your shirt collar or pocket, on standard MOLLE attachments, and can magnetize to metallic surfaces.