Smith & Wesson SW300B (Blued Black) Handcuffs

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Smith & Wesson model 300 double lock hinged blue finish hand cuffs, 2 keys included. Hinged design to further restrict movement for special applications. Has double lock slot configuration for increased security. These hand cuffs are difficult to escape from even if the subject has the key. Blue finish eliminates glare and hides scratches. The inner perimeter measures 5-3/4" to 8" with 22 locking positions. Includes Smith & Wesson's lifetime warranty and instructions.

Wrist Opening: 2.03" 

Locking Positions: 22 

First notch inside perimeter: 8.10" 

Last notch inside perimeter: 5.80" 

Tightest inside width: 1.80" 

Distance between cuffs: 2.00" 

Maximum overall length: 8.13" 

Weight: 11 ounces