Tactical 365 Operation First Response 1230 Air-Tek Sam Browne Deluxe Duty Belt

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The Tactical365 OFR Air-Tek line of Sam Browne duty belts are made with the finest possible care and materials to ensure a long-lasting high-quality product for LEOs and other professionals. The belt comes with an easily removable buckle so putting it on is never a hassle. Washable with mild soap and water.

The belt is 2 1/4" wide and comes in sizes from 26-44.

Available in smooth leather, or a classic basketweave imprint, as well as the option for a hook strip on the interior, so that belt accessories with loop strips stay fashioned to one spot, allowing you quick access to your tools. Work confidently knowing your belt is secure along with the essentials it holds.

  • Durable and Scratch Resistant
  • Lightweight for comfort
  • Deluxe Suede lining
  • Removable Buckle
  • Available in Smooth Leather, Basket Weave emboss, with and without interior hook strip